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Welcome to our site! is a retail brand of Studio Gamma Partnership
Registered in Ireland: No.369708
Registered Office: 1 Bianconi Drive Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Ph 00353 868375096

The idea of was born when we realized that professional and affordable Wall Stickers were not readily available in Ireland or the U.K. Our search to find a team of enormously talented graphic designers took us far and wide. Once assembled, the team then set about creating the unique Wall Sticker designs on our site, of which we’re all extremely proud.
With its assortment of inspirational ideas for adding style and glamour to your home or office, we hope you enjoy browsing our website and come back soon for more!

Kind Regards;

The Team.

It's a house full of animals! 2012-04-29

It's a house full of animals!

Following yesterday's announcement about our Poster give-away (more details on our facebook page: Rewards for a favour...) I have looked through some photo galleries and found a few pictures that one of our customers sent to us the other day. I thought it would be a great example of a "favour" that we are looking for, our dear fiends, in order to be included in weekly POSTER draw! very simple task...

So, as title may suggest, the author of the following photography has populated his household with animals... his choices include a bunch of green penguins and one, but very cute and brown baset dog. We were utterly pleased with the effect they managed to achieve plus, the message received along with pictures was equally pleasing... in fact, here is what they said: "We are delighted to announce that the row of suicidal penguins shocks our guests in the hallway and the dog, called "Frytka"- crisp, reassures them in the lounge. I suspect these stickers are just an introduction, I have a few ideas..."

Teenager room 2011-02-01

Click on the picture above to see the sticker

Bedroom idea 2011-01-27

If you are arranging your bedroom and don’t have a centre piece just yet, we suggest you use our wall stickers putting wallstickes . Heart  designs are perfect for that matter, but if you like something else we have got over 880 designs to choose from. Have fun browsing our website.

Click on the pictures to see the sticker

Customer feedback 2011-01-26

You can always check our blog for new inspirations and see what you can do with wall stickers.

These pictures were sent to us by our customer from UK. Well done guys it looks great.

Click on the pictures above to see the stickers.

Customer feedback 2010-07-15

Very often we’re getting feedback from our customers and we really appreciate that. Some of them are just comments but sometimes you attach photos and this is very nice. We really like the ideas how our wall stickers are being used.

These photos were sent to us by our customers from Co. Tipperary, Ireland. We are loving the idea!

Thank you and well done!

Media about us 2010-03-09

Recently,  Ireland’s best selling magazine on interior design, “house and home”, published the “Irish hot 100” list and we feel very lucky to earn a spot among all the great companies. That’s a real honour to us…

We are thrilled to see the progress of our company that first started in the attic from dreams of only two people (Erick Rosenfeld and Robert Kierszta). Its extremely rewarding to witness growing progress despite difficult economic times.

Despite the exaggerated number of employees we are ecstatic about the result! It may be hard to believe but there is only 3 of us!

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