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Welcome to our site! is a retail brand of Studio Gamma Partnership
Registered in Ireland: No.369708
Registered Office: 1 Bianconi Drive Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Ph 00353 868375096

The idea of was born when we realized that professional and affordable Wall Stickers were not readily available in Ireland or the U.K. Our search to find a team of enormously talented graphic designers took us far and wide. Once assembled, the team then set about creating the unique Wall Sticker designs on our site, of which we’re all extremely proud.
With its assortment of inspirational ideas for adding style and glamour to your home or office, we hope you enjoy browsing our website and come back soon for more!

Kind Regards;

The Team.

Let’s measure your self! 2009-09-21

- There are times we seek inspiration from other websites, like for example this time. A while ago I was browsing this French website and I came up this Eiffel Tower design with measuring tape on. From that point onwards we came up with a number of our own “measuring” wall stickers.

- Some of the designs available are the measuring tape on its own, Madonna, Eiffel Tower, Statute of Liberty and lots more, so do not hesitate and browse for more!

So today we have available measuring tape it self, Madonna, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and lots more.

Ups… and let’s not forget about our bestseller for kids bedroom “ Centimeter giraffe”.

Bathroom stickers! 2009-03-07

Very often we receive e-mails with questions if the wall stickers  can be use in a bathroom. Yes! They can.  On tiles, over  bathtub or on the shower door.

Result can really surprise you. It might be funny or romantic. It’s only up to you. Take a look on our wide range of special bathroom wall stickers or choose whatever you like.

Click on the pictures above to see the stickers.

Or visit "home designe"

HOP-SCOTCH!!! 2009-02-19

Do you remember  this fun game from yours childhood?

We do, so that’s why we add this adorable wall stickers to our shop.  But who sad wall stickers can be putted only on the wall? Not we!  We go farther and come up with “floor” wall stickers which are fun, pretty and educational as your child can teach animal names, numbers and shapes.
Take a look and choose which one you like most.

Click on the picture above to see the stickers.

Look forward to spring!!! 2009-02-09

We all have enough of short days and rain, and look forward to spring. Why not speed up the time and invite little bit of sun and optimism to our houses? We find some propositions how to create very bright and full of colors bedroom.   Idea was found on Holly Becker website

You can create very similar result using (inter alia) our wall stickers. We have very wide range of twigs and flowers in 30 colors to choose from.

Click on the pictures above to see the stickers.

We're revealing our secret!!! 2009-02-04

You probably didn’t realize  that looking on our stickers, you look on a famous celebrities. Your favorite pinups and flower models turns out to be silhouettes of Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen, Halle Berry (picture from  Versace fashion house campaign) and Jennifer Lopez. Would it be great to have them on your wall?

Click on the picture above to see the stickers!

Plug it in! 2008-09-14


Here's another great idea from the French website,

demonstrating how a plug can be transformed into a puppy’s nose or elephant’s tail.

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